Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

8 may
Lightweight concrete application in a combination with LGS construction system
The primary use of lightweight concrete is to reduce the dead load of the concrete structure, which then allows the structural designer to reduce the size of the column, footing and other load bearing elements. Structural lightweight concrete mixture can be designed to achieve similar strength as normal weight concrete. The same is true for the other mechanical and durability performance requirements. Structural lightweight concrete provides a more efficient strength to weight ratio in structural elements. Lightweight Concrete is used when structural concerns require. Lightweight Concrete is ideal for roof deck repairs, stair pan fill, elevated floor slabs or overlays on existing floor decks. It can also be used for appliance platforms, curbs, down spout gutters, balconies, floors, fish ponds, walls, setting posts, castings, steps, or virtually any job that would normally be done with standard weight concrete. Use it where ease in lifting and carrying is important. Lightweight Concrete also offers slower temperature transfer rates than standard weight concrete, resulting in improved insulation factors. 
Lightweight aerated concrete dry mix PIONER was designed for interior and exterior walls infill to improve dry wall construction technology and make it solid and durable. Lightweight concrete with 600 kg/m3 density provides fire resistance 4 hours, good sound and thermal insulation. Our product is a perfect solution for light gauge steel construction companies to replace rock wool and make the LGS construction system better. The application of lightweight concrete infill is easy just mix lightweight concrete dry mix with water and additive and pour it inside of wall. It will expand in 2 - 2.5 times and will fill all the gaps with some pressure. This is a fast construction technology which is cheaper and better than conventional. To get more details about the technology do contact us please + 971 55 731 06 55