Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

4 april
Rapid construction is possible with FRAMECAD cold formed steel framing system.
FRAMECAD is the only complete end to end system for rapid and accurate construction of cold formed steel framing. Pioner Group have been using the system in all our projects for a long time and very happy with that. We are doing commercial, residential and industrial projects mostly in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. To make FRAMECAD system more solid and durable we have created our own non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete infill with range of densities from 250 up to 1200 kg/m3. Density depends on clients requirements and type of project. We can achieve U value 0.34 W/mK for exterior walls. For that we use 12 mm fiber cement board from one side, 150 mm profile filled with lightweight aerated concrete (not foam concrete) infill with 300 kg/m3 density, 12 mm fiber cement board from another side. 
The speed of construction is higher in 2.5 times (even more) than all existing conventional construction system. We made a demo video for all our perspective partners to explain light gauge steel construction system better. To watch the video just follow the link.
Such construction system is very good for Saudi Arabia government housing project because it can help to save time and money and bring beautiful design across all KSA. Also it widely used for interior partition wall projects because the system finally looks solid and durable but faster and cheaper.
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