Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

28 may
Advanced construction technology to save your time and money
Light gauge steel frame construction system is very popular in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. There are a lot of suppliers of LGS bending machines such as: Framecad, Howick, Pinnacle, Scottsdale, Arkitech and another one. The only disadvantage for the system is hollowness sound because of rock wool or glass wool insulation. There are different options to improve fire rating and sound insulation for the system. Instead of rock wool lightweight concrete infill can be used. Foam concrete, perlite concrete, polistirol concrete or non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete are good options for infill. 
We decided to make it easy and have created dry mix for lightweight  aerated concrete infill which can be used in the construction site directly. Make foundation, assemble light gauge steel frame, install MEP, fix fiber cement boards and fill the gaps between two fiber cement boards with lightweight aerated concrete infill. LGS construction system in two times faster then conventional concrete and blocks system but it is durable and strong. To understand the system better watch this demo video. Fire rating four hours. Sound insulation depends on wall thickness and lightweight concrete density. Thermal conductivity for the infill is good enough to achieve required U-Value for external wall with light gauge steel section 150 mm and fiber cement boards 12mm on both sides.
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