Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

6 may
Advantages of combination pre-engineered buildings, light gauge steel and lightweight aerated concrete infill insulation
Pre-engineered buildings lighter than concrete structure buildings for around 40%. Construction time is less and less labors required. PEB is cheaper and can be used for different uses. Light gauge steel interior and exterior wall panels are perfect replacement for block or brick walls. Lightweight aerated concrete infill provides good sound and thermal insulation. PEB, LGS and lightweight concrete is a good solution for high rise and low rise buildings. Cellular concrete fire resistance is 4 hours a fire rating CLASS A. It makes PEB and LGS structure more solid and durable. 
Lightweight concrete packed in 50 kg paper bags and applying directly in the construction site. It expands in the volume in 2 - 2.5 times with some pressure and fills all gaps inside of the wall. The lightweight concrete dry mix can be produced in all locations and this system is a good solution for Saudi Arabia housing projects. The system approved by Dubai Municipality and the UAE Civil Defence. To get test reports for fire rating, compressive strength and thermal insulation you can send us whatsapp message to +971557310655.