Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

22 august

Gaz beton infill for partition wall system

Lightweight concrete infill instead of rock wool insulation for drywall partition wall system can be produced in any country. Basically only local raw materials required such as cement, sand (limestone, fly ash, dolomite) and aluminum powder. Gazbeton infill provides fire resistance for four hours, sound transmission 52 Db for 107 mm wall thickness, thermal conductivity for 600 kg/m3 density is 0.16 W/m*K, compressive strength for the same density is 2 MPA. For 100 mm wall thickness one ton of dry mix is equal 20 m2 of ready partition wall infill. The system consists of light gauge steel frame 89mm, fiber cement boards 9mm on both sides and gazbeton infill with 600kg/m3 density. Lightweight concrete dry mix production process is easy and doesn't require a lot of labors. Six labors are enough to produce 2500 tons of gazbeton dry mix which is equal 4500 m3 of lightweight concrete with 600 kg/m3 density. To find out more details about the technology follow the link please.