Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

24 june

Lightweight concrete Do It Yourself

Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete mix design:

  • Portland cement 40 - 60 %
  • Calcium carbonate (limestone) 40 - 60 %
  • Sodium salt of naphthalene sulfonate polymerized 1%
Note: the main components may contain minor traces of various chemical elements.

Basic recipe for non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete (aircrete) with 600 kg/m3 density:

- Ordinary Portland Cement

- Limestone powder (particles up to 0.05 mm)

- Aluminum powder MEPCO 7520 (available in India) or any other aluminum powder with blaine value 15 000 cm2/g and more.

Dry mix formula:

50% cement (by weight) + 50% limestone powder (by weight). I mean for 1 kg of dry mix you need 500 g cement and 500 g limestone powder

Mixture formula for 600 kg/m3 density:

1 kg of dry mix 0.65 liters of water 1 g of aluminum powder for 100 kg of dry mix you will need 65 liters of water and 100 g of aluminum powder

How to mix it:

1. Add water in the bucket

2. Add dry mix in the water and mix it for a couple of minutes

3. Add aluminum powder and mix it 1 - 2 minutes.

4. Pour it in the mould

Aerated agent details

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Dry mix bulk density is 1270 kg/m3. To produce densities from 500 kg/m3 up to 1200 kg/m3 different quantities of water and additives required.

The most applicable density for the dry wall partition system with lightweight concrete infill is 500 - 600 kg/m3

For such density Pioner lightweight concrete has such main characteristics as:

thermal conductivity 0,1359 W/(m*k)

compressive strength 2,1 - 2,8 MPA or 21 - 28 kg/cm2

fire resistance rating for 100 mm thickness is 4 hours.

acoustic insulation for 100 mm thickness is 45 db.

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