Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

6 september

Cellular concrete widely used as an underlier for waterproofing system for the roof

Lightweight concrete roof insulation provides good thermal insulation and compressive strength in the same time. There are only two manufacturers of non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete in GCC region such as PIONER GROUP and ECOCON. The advantage of such kind of insulation is that it is coming to construction site in powder form in 50 kg paper bags with additive and you just need to mix it with water in special electrical mixer. The capacity of lightweight concrete mixer is 1 m3 which is equal to 10 m2 for 10 cm screed thickness. Thermal conductivity for 600 kg/m3 density is 0.16 W/m*K and compressive strength is 2 MPA which is enough to load it. Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete used for floor screed as well. It used for big thicknesses from 10 cm up to 0.6m. Lightweight concrete is four times lighter then conventional concrete and it used for big span to reduce dead loan on structure. How to prepare lightweight concrete you can watch here