Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

31 march
Galvanized steel frame with lightweight concrete infill
Speed and cost of construction are very important things. Light gauge steel construction technology has a lot of advantages such as: speed of construction, cheaper cost and durability. The only disadvantage is hollowness sound when you use rock wool or glass wool for insulation. We have created new way of LGS system and in all our projects we use Pioner lightweight concrete infill. Non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete infill provides you solid and durable walls, good sound and thermal insulation. To achieve required U value for the system we use 200 mm thickness (12 mm fiber cement board + 150 mm LGS profile + 12 mm fiber cement board) for exterior walls and 107 mm (9 mm fiber cement board + 89 mm LGS profile + 9 mm fiber cement board) for interior walls. Lightweight concrete infill has different densities from 250 kg/m3 up to 1 200 kg/m3. 

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