Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

19 june
PIONER construction technology step by step

PIONER construction technology is the construction of any type of small storied building in the shortest terms in any climate and any season of the year.

The technology is based on the principle of long lasting and environmentally friendly materials. This construction system provides a complete realm of solutions for external and internal walls, flat roofs and slabs, and even boundary walls.

Our main materials for housing construction are:

· Light gauge steel. Galvanized profiles to provide skeleton of the house.

· Aerated autoclave panels or fiber cement boards as a shuttering for walls.

· Non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete infill.

All steps of PIONER housing construction system.

Step 1. Foundation

Foundation for the building is made in accordance with type of building and it’s load capacity. Strip foundation is the most common type of basis for the construction system.

LGS construction

Step 2. Walls.

Light gauge steel structure is mounted on the prepared foundation.


Step 3. Service lines.

Arrangement of the service lines: electrical and water lines/ sewage pipes. Fixing of the ventilation system.


Step 4. Fiber cement boards cladding installation.

Heavy duty fiber cement boards or aerated autoclaved panels are installing as permanent cast formwork inside and outside of the walls. The panels are fixed to the frame using screw. All joist are sealed with standard adhesives.


Step 5. Lightweight concrete infill casting.

Lightweight concrete dry mix is mixing with water and aerated agent in a special electric mixer and poured in the gap between the installed panels completely filling the space.


Step 6. Lightweight concrete becoming solid.

The mix increases in volume in 2 to 3 times and turns into a homogeneous monolithic structure. Then after one hour the procedure is repeated.

Cellular aerated concrete

Step 7. Floor screed and roof insulation casting.

Deck sheet installing as floor and roof base and above it lightweight aerated concrete is casted. Lightweight concrete provides good sound and thermal insulation.

Floor and roof

Aerated concrete PIONER is applicable for construction of enclosing structures in the buildings of any height and number of stores and also fences around buildings in a quickest possible time.