Basic recipe for non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete (aircrete) with 600 kg/m3 density:

Lightweight concrete technology is based on the principle of long-lasting and environmentally friendly materials.
Choose what type of lightweight concrete is suitable for your upcoming project
Light gauge steel or cold formed steel construction system has a faster speed of construction with cheaper cost per square meter.

Fast track construction technology. Suitable for residential and commercial projects

Lightweight concrete floor screed or underlier for pavements

Fast track internal partition walls

Light gauge steel frame building with good thermal and sound insulation

Fast truck, assembled on site solid wall framing system

Accommodation extension. Lightweight aerated concrete insulation.

One more partition project in Dubai. Lightweight aerated concrete Pioner becoming very popular in the UAE.

Clinic extension in Abu-Dhabi

Light gauge steel + fiber cement boards + lightweight aerated concrete infill

Supply lightweight aerated concrete infill for dry partition walls

New lightweight screed project in JLT Dubai was completed.