Light gauge steel homes projects

Light gauge steel or cold formed steel construction system has a faster speed of construction with cheaper cost per square meter.

1. Reduced time of construction.

LGS construction is much more faster than conventional construction technologies because all frames coming to the construction site pre-assembled. There are no any welding or cutting works on site and the assembling process is fast and simple. 

2. Highly qualified workers are not required.

Pre-engineered steel framing cut to required lengths, all elements of structure labelled and pre-dimpled. It makes assembly fast, simple and accurate. 

3. Less cost per 1m2

Light gauge steel construction system is cost competitive if you compare it with all traditional construction systems. It is cheaper when you are evaluating the overall build cost due to its advantages in speed of construction, accuracy and reduced labor cost. LGS construction is also highly scalable, which means it is ideal solution for mass production and repeatable designs. The system is good for the areas in need for affordable, quality housing, especially for developing countries.

To make light gauge steel construction system more solid and durable we have created non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete infill to replace rock wool insulation. For all our housing projects we use lightweight aerated concrete infill with 600 kg/m3 density. This solid construction system has fire resistance 4 hours along with good sound ant thermal insulation. To understand our construction system better watch the demo video.