Light gauge steel homes projects

Lightweight concrete technology is based on the principle of long-lasting and environmentally friendly materials.
Aerated concrete is a durable material which is not affected with distraction and resist atmosphere impact, UV-rays and in distinction to other materials it is improving physics and technical characteristics with time flow. It has frost resistance equal to more than 100 cycles (winter-summer) and it keeps its high strength and quality. Due to absolute isolation of cells aerated concrete does not absorb moisture and has hydro-insulating capability. That is why external and internal walls made from aerated concrete do not require protection from atmospheric impacts and underground walls (pools, basements) do not require vertical hydro-insulation.
Equal size and absolute isolation of cells filled with gaz their constant distribution through the whole volume of material provides high thermo-insulation characteristics at any given atmospheric impact. 
Good steam penetrability allows breathing of living facilities made of aerated concrete. This provides air moisture regulation inside the building and creates comfortable micro climate. 
Aerated concrete provides full fire resistance. It doesn't catch fire. Doesn't become hot even contacting with open flame. The material can be applied for any fire protection grade.
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