Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

14 may
Africa is a big potential market for construction companies. The market is growing and require a lot of new buildings commercial and residential. With our partner in Rwanda we have started the first project where we will use non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete for prefabricated buildings insulation. The first container with 27 tons of lightweight concrete dry mix and one mixer with pump will reach Rwanda after two months.
This is the first light gauge steel structure project in Rwanda. This construction technology was chosen by client because it is fast money efficient and durable. All building structures will be build from load bearing cold formed steel. For cladding we will use fiber cement boards from Chine and for insulation we will use cellular lightweight concrete with 600 kg. density. From 27 tons we will produce 48 m3 of lightweight concrete. It is 550 sq.m. of ready walls with 89mm profile thickness. For light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology no need to use big cranes because each separate elements are not heavy. 

To find out more details about the technology follow the link