Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

1 july

There are a lot of different types of lightweight concrete. Choose the best one for your project.

We just want to share our opinion with you. If you want to choose the best type of lightweight concrete for your upcoming projects you should understand what are you planning to do. Aerated autoclaved concrete is a good decision for blocks with 500 - 600 kg/cub.m. You can produce it in the factory only. Non-autoclaved aerated concrete (cellular concrete, gasbeton) is a good decision for small floor screed projects, for drywall partition projects (as an infill instead of rockwool), for roof insulation. You can cast it in situ. Foam concrete you can use for big floor screed projects. You can cast it in situ. Dry mix for the lightweight aerated concrete PIONER is a good material for your drywall partitions projects. We supply our material in 50 kg bags and you just need to mix it with water in situ. Cellular concrete Pioner has the same compressive strength, sound insulation and thermal insulation as an autoclaved aerated concrete. The only difference that you can cast lightweight concrete Pioner directly in situ. It is very liquid in the beginning and it fills all the gaps inside of partition walls. Cellular concrete Pioner has good adhesion with calcium silicate boards and fiber cement boards. Make your life easier. Use lightweight aerated concrete Pioner for your drywall partitions projects.