Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

15 june

Our product lightweight concrete PIONER has been tested for the thermal conductivity in the Dubai Central Laboratory.

In attached Test Report you can see, that the rate of thermal conductivity is very good, it allows us to get a good indication of u-value. To reduce electricity consumption we have to use different materials for interior and exterior insulation. We do suggest to our clients use non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete panels with thicknesses 50 - 75 mm. For the new construction we kindly suggest you to use light gauge steel construction technology combined with light concrete Pioner. Our material becoming stronger from day to day after the casting. It is durable and money efficient. Some companies produce lightweight concrete blocks but to avoid wastage appearing after the MEP works we recommend you to use prefabricated partition wall system filled with lightweight aerated concrete Pioner. The system approved by Dubai Municipality and the UAE Civil Defence.
To find out more details about our construction technology you can watch the demo video here.