Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

13 may
Pioner Industries factory is a manufacturer of dry mix for the non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete. Our factory located in the UAE and our factory capacity is 2500 tons of lightweight concrete dry mix. It is around 4500m3 of lightweight concrete with density 600 kg/m3 or 50 000 sq.m. of ready internal partition walls with 89mm profile (studs).
Lightweight aerated concrete (cellular lightweight concrete, gasbeton) can be used for partition walls infill, lightweight concrete floor screed or roof insulation. The main advantage of lightweight concrete is that you can cast it directly in situ and from the same dry mix packed in 50 kg paper bags you can produce required density from 500 kg/m3 up to 1100 kg/m3.

In this video we offer to your attention the process of growth of PIONER mix.