Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

16 july

Save your time and money. Use lightweight concrete infill for drywall partitions.

No need to cut walls to do MEP works anymore. Install studs and trucks. Fix fiber cement or calcium silicate boards. Finish MEP works and pour lightweight concrete infill (instead of rockwool). It is easy to prepare lightweight concrete in situ. Just mix dry mix for the lightweight concrete PIONER with water, add additive and pour it inside of wall. After curing this material has the same technical characteristics as an aerated autoclaved blocks. For drywall partition with lightweight concrete infill 100 mm thickness: fire rating 2 hours, sound insulation 43Db, thermal resistance 0,76 m2K/W. Cost for 1 sq.m. of ready partition wall is less for 20 - 25 % then for conventional blocks technology. Lightweight concrete Pioner produced in the UAE.