Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

3 june

We provide to our customers Light Gauge Steel construction companies and others to build solid walls system buildings.

There are a couple of options how LGS construction companies can offer to their clients solid walls system and one of them to use Pioner lightweight aerated concrete infill to avoid hollowness sound. Dry mix for non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete was designed for in situ application. Pioner dry mix packed in 50 kg paper bags and ready to use. Special mixers with pump required to produce lightweight concrete. Instead of dry mix and additive you just need electricity and water. Water ratio depends on density and in average for 1 kg of dry mix 0,45 liters of water required. When light gauge steel frame and fiber cement boards installed you just need to prepare admixture and pour it in the cavity (like in the picture). After half an hour lightweight aerated concrete will expend in 2 - 2.5 times and fill all the gaps. For more details you can send us request to