Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

9 august

Lightweight concrete infill Pioner. Approved by the UAE Civil Defence material.

Pioner Industries Factory FZ LLC located inside of RAK Free Zone. We are manufacturer of dry mix for the lightweight concrete. A lot of companies across the UAE and in other countries use our material for insulation instead of rockwool . Our system is easy. Just mix Pioner lightweight concrete dry mix with water, add additive and pour it inside of wall. It is spreading out inside of wall, filling all gaps and expanding in 2.2 - 2.5 times (depends on density). Every year it is becoming stronger and stronger. Pioner solid walls system approved by the UAE authorities. Lightweight aerated concrete and lightweight foam concrete aren't the same. Lightweight concrete Pioner has very good adhesion with fiber cement or calcium silicate boards, it has good thermal and acoustic insulation. For more information call us + 971 55 731 06 55