Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

5 july

Next batch of PIONER Dry Mix for production of high-quality aerated non-autoclaved cellular lightweight concrete goes in Dubai.

Aerated concrete is the optimal material for building because it has wide density and durability ranges, the properties important for solving various construction problems. We have started lightweight concrete floor screed project in downtown of Dubai. Lightweight concrete advantage is that the material in light but strong enough to bear weight. It doesn't require special big and loud screeding mixers. We don't use bulk material we supply dry mix for lightweight aerated concrete floor screed in 50 kg paper bags and use portable and convenient mixers designed and produced by Pioner Industries Factory. Lightweight concrete floor screed is a best solution for big thicknesses above 10cm and can be applied as an underlier for parquet and laminate (we are using steel mech and hard top material for such projects). Also this screed solution is an optimal for big span halls where dead load on structure is crucial. Pioner basic lightweight concrete solution has 600 kg/m3 density and 2.5 MPA compressive strength.
To find out more details about Pioner lightweight floor screed follow the link here