Light gauge steel with lightweight concrete technology

1 june

Took place another shipment of dry mix and mixer PIONER for the production of non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete in Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of Housing KSA have announced a huge residential projects for the next ten years. To build such a big quantity of affordable and efficient buildings advanced construction technology required. We have three major partners light gauge steel construction companies in Saudi Arabia and we have started to do a mock up villa project in Riyadh to get Ministry of Housing approvals. Pioner construction technology is easy. We have combined three major components such as: light gauge steel framing, fiber cement boards cladding and lightweight aerated concrete infill which can be used as a floor screed and roof insulation as well. Pioner construction advantages are speed of construction, durability, money efficient and very good sound and acoustic insulation. We produce dry mix for non-autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete at our factory in the UAE and supply it in 50 kg paper bags all over the world. Pioner dry mix is ready for casting and doesn't require anything instead of water and electricity. The range of densities varies from 500 kg/m3 up to 1100kg/m3 and depends on project requirements.