Aluminum powder for lightweight concrete production

Rusal aluminum powder
RUSAL is one of the world’s major producers of aluminum and alumina.
The company was founded in 2000 and, following its merger with SUAL and the alumina assets of Glencore, became the global aluminum industry leader in 2007 RUSAL operates in 13 countries on 5 continents.
The company employs 64,000 people across the globe RUSAL’s assets include 10 aluminum smelters, 8 alumina refineries, 7 bauxite mines, 4 aluminum powder plants, 2 silicon factories, 4 foil mills.

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For non autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete you can use aerated agent PAP-2 from Rusal

Main properties

The aluminum particles in the powder have lamellar shape and covered with a thin oxide and fat film. The powder is a product colored silver-gray containing no foreign impurities, which are visible with the naked eye. The bulk density of the powder is about 0.15-0.30 g/cm3, active aluminum content: 85-93%. The average thickness of the plates is approximately 0.25-0.50 μm, while the average linear dimension is 20-30 μm. The bulk density of the powder, active aluminum content and average particle size are not subject to regulations.

Sphere of application

The pigmental aluminum powder PAP-2 is used as multipurpose aluminum pigments in the composition of light-reflecting, corrosion-protective, heat-resistant, decorative and other paints, enamels, varnishes and fillings; for production of cellular concretes, etc.


The specifications shall comply with the requirements of GOST 5494. By agreement with the consumer, it is allowed to deliver the products with the properties different from those specified by the standard.


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The Metal Powder Company Limited (MEPCO), commenced its operation in 1961, is one of the leading manufacturers of Non - Ferrous Metal Powders and pastes globally. Wide range of products for different applications and continuously developing new products meeting global standards.

Five manufacturing plants in India with a workforce exceeding 1000 people. ISO 9001:2015 certified company and a global player. All its products are exported to more than 40 countries. Won several National Awards for export merit and import substitution and process development for Aluminum powder, Gold Bronze powder, Red Phosphorus powder and Magnesium powder. On the threshold of introducing speciality products for plastics, powder coatings and automotive coating along with Silica encapsulated and Water borne Pigments.

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Product: PPP 7520



Test Method


Sieve analysis:

Retention on 45 µm



0.5 max

Leafing value



65 min

Water coverage

cm2 /g


19000 min




8 - 11

PPP 7520 Fine Leafing Aluminum Powder corn flake in shape, for the applications like Paper coatings, Plastic coatings, Plastic master batches,Powder coatings, Printing inks etc.