Stretch ceilings in UAE

For those who really want to start stretch ceiling business we can supply materials, tools for installation and provide support how to install the stretch ceilings with different designs. 

We have video lessons for all types of stretch ceilings installation process such as: translucent with backlit, starry sky with fiber optics, mirror and others. You can request more details by


Stretch ceilings in Dubai


We supply and apply stretch ceilings in UAE.

We can supply and assist with installation if you located in other than United Arab Emirates country. We supply:

- PVC stretch material ready for installation: translucent plain white, translucent with art print, matt black and white, glossy black and white, and others;

- PVC wall fixing profile;

- LED strip backlit with drivers, 3000Kelvin (warm light), 4000Kelvin (neutral light), 6500Kelvin (cold light);

- Fiber optic and projectors RGB or white twinkle.

Stretched Ceiling technology enables its users to create ceilings of almost any shape and form, even 3D and freestanding structures.

It also offers possibility to print images of high quality on the stretch ceiling membrane.

Great acoustical and heat insulation properties of stretch ceiling eliminates acoustic effects and creates an additional heat and sound insulation due to air gap between the main ceiling and the stretched material.

A pallet of 200 colors and textures including translucent and reflective membranes, provides possibilities for many effects including visual increase of the height of a room or illuminating ceiling.

Clean and fast installation process - installation of stretch ceiling will take no longer than several hours. There is no need to remove furniture because the process is clean and does not involve any potential damage to furniture. There will be no dust or trash during the ceiling installation process.
Stretch ceilings in Dubai
Safety - stretch ceiling material does not contain any harmful components, is odorless, non-flammable, and hypoallergenic. Stretch ceilings can be installed in hospitals or kindergartens.

Water resistant. In case of leakage of pipes, roof or AC a stretch ceiling material will accumulate water and prevent damage of valuable items.

Stretch ceilings do not accumulate static electricity and therefore no dust is accumulating on the surface. It is sufficient to wipe canvas with damp cloth every couple of years to bring back the original shine. Our ceilings do not deform and preserve its color. 

Stretch ceilings in Dubai

Durability - stretch ceiling serves for at least 15 years, eliminating need for periodic plastering of ceiling cracks.

Reinstallation - color and texture of the ceiling may be changed by removing old material and installing a new one on the same frame.

Stretch Ceilings in Dubai can be installed over existing ceiling (you don't need to remove drywall or other ceiling material).

Stretch ceilings are made of special PVC pellicle. Though it is only 0.18 to 0.2 mm thick, the pellicle is very strong and can withstand the pressure of up to 100 kg/m2. Furthermore the ceiling pellicle is light in weight (200-230 g/m2) and can withstand vast temperature changes. It is produced in form of rolls and comes in a variety of width (depending on manufacturer). Our company uses pellicle of highest quality. 

Stretch ceiling in Dubai

Stretch Ceiling transforms the kitchen and dining rooms, living rooms and working rooms, bedrooms and home gyms. But the most sought-after it becomes in children's rooms. Kids love to equip your little world favorite toys and picture books from your favorite characters and movies.

Stretch Ceilings - it's a great opportunity to create a fairy tale. Over the child's head can be turned elves and fairies, fly planes and funny cartoon birds, including the bizarre and magical colors of trees hiding the dwarves or little animals.

Blue sky with clouds and sun playful lambs, also a popular image. Fluorescent dye in combination with eco-solvent give special effects in design. For example, in the afternoon on the ceiling on the background of the sky on the roof of the house walks ginger kitten. And at night silhouette cat flickers around the stars are burning in the windows of the building ignited light. It is worth noting that the children's best to use matte canvas printing. Toddler critical sharpness, while falling asleep relaxed atmosphere, not glare and shadows on the ceiling of the gloss.